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Legislative Action Center


Dear Parents & Friends:

The Kennedy Center is fully aware of the funding issues facing our state, and we believe there must be different ways to balance the budget other than cutting dollars that jeopardize the services and needs of our most vulnerable. 

  1. We can “Think Different” and develop solutions that can better utilize the dollars now being spent on unfunded mandates which do not add value to individuals served
  2.  We can “Dare to Act” and recognize community-based, not for profit human services as essential and necessary, and treat them in the same manner as fixed costs: off the table when budget cuts are made.

We have selected 4 Unfunded Mandates that we would like you to consider as a start.  These mandates do not add value to the individuals we serve; they require additional administrative time; and in many instances, are redundant.

  1. Annual Re-certification Trainings
  • Many of our trainings require re-certification every 1 to 2 years. A majority of these trainings are ongoing as part of our on-the-job training, i.e. bloodbourne pathogens; cultural diversity, and ADA.
  • These trainings alone cost The Kennedy Center (TKC) $167,649 annually.

       2. Quality Service Review (QSR)

  • QSRs add no value to the individuals and duplicate reviews and compliance audits that are already in place.
  • From 12/16 – 11/17, The Kennedy Center had 103 unannounced QSR visits with an approximate cost of $350 per visit for a total annual cost of $36,050. 

       3. Administrative Billing

  • In the past, billing for services rendered was simplified and our contract supported a 1/12 payment system.
  • When the fee for service waiver was implemented, nonprofits automatically incurred an add-on administrative burden and cost in the documentation and billing processes which did not add value to the individuals served.
  • This burden is costing The Kennedy Center $273 per person for an annual cost of $46,683.

       4. Electronic Visit Verification System (EVV)

  • This newly implemented unfunded mandate is required of all agencies providing services under the Acquired Brain Injury Medicaid waiver.  Again it brings no value to the individuals, but requires the nonprofit to incur all costs involving implementation and administration.
  •  It cost The Kennedy Center more than $65,000 a year to carry out this mandate.

By eliminating or reducing the requirements of just these 4 unfunded mandates, The Kennedy Center has the potential of saving $315,382 per year.  Savings that could be invested back into our employees and the people they serve and support.

State legislators have told The Kennedy Center that for our voice to be heard and change to occur, State Representatives and Senators as well as the Governor, need to hear from you, their constituents.  We are asking you to take a moment and Take Action by sending an email to your legislators to help nonprofits spend their dollars more efficiently and effectively by eliminating or reducing unfunded mandates. By clicking below and putting in your address your legislators will be selected for you.


You can use the prepared letter or make changes.  It is helpful to ask your legislators to fund the services you need. Tell them why you need those services and what life would be like without them. Include pictures of your loved one with I/DD and your family to put a human face to the cuts. 

Questions? Please feel free to contact: Rick Sebastian, President & CEO 203.365.8522, ext. 211 or email or Jo Ann McMullan, V.P. of Development 203.365.8522, ext. 229 or email