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PEOPLE WITH IDD NEED A BUDGET THAT FUNDS COMMUNITY SUPPORTS NOW! Without a budget in place, Governor Malloy has implemented a plan with Draconian cuts to community-based service providers. It's time for legislators to get together, get on the same page, and get a budget done now!

Dear Parents & Friends:


Families, people with intellectual disabilities, community nonprofit providers and their employees have been flooding legislators with emails and phone calls and sending letters to the editor. Keep it up! Our advocacy is working! 

Yesterday, House Republicans presented a budget proposal that:

  • Fully funds Day & Employment Services for new graduates
  • Does not eliminate Community First Choice (CFC)
  • Provides funding for the Waiting List through the IDD Partnership

Unfortunately, we also learned yesterday, that due to the severe cuts aimed at nonprofit community providers in the Governor's Executive Order Plan, some providers have already begun the process of closing group homes & day programs and laying off staff.  

The current situation is untenable. Every day that goes by without a budget puts more programs, services, and jobs at risk!

Next week on July 18, legislators will meet to discuss and hopefully vote on a budget. This gives us an opportunity to email or call our legislators and ask them to vote NOW on a budget that:

  • Funds Day & Employment services for new graduates
  • Provides full funding for Community-based day and residential services that will stop program closures and layoffs
  • Provides Waiting List funding through The IDD Partnership


You can use the prepared letter or make changes.  It is helpful to ask your legislators to fund the services you need. Tell them why you need those services and what life would be like without them. Include pictures of your loved one with I/DD and your family to put a human face to the cuts. 

Questions? Please feel free to contact: Marty Schwartz, President & CEO 203.365.8522, ext. 211 or email or Jo Ann McMullan, V.P. of Development 203.365.8522, ext. 229 or email